Unleash your digital content through interactive print with SmartPicture®

Blurring the lines between Print and Digital content.

Reveal the digital magic with the free SmartPicture® app and unlock a hidden world of interactive digital possibilities that print can offer.

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Unveiling the SmartPicture® print-to-digital magic is simple with these 3 steps...


Download the free SmartPicture® app from the Apple or Google Play store.

SP Icon

The SP icon will indicate if the print material is SmartPicture® enabled.


Scan the image with the app and watch the magic happen.

To us, a picture speaks a thousand digital possibilities.

Our secret formula mixes printed materials with a hidden layer of digital content. This means that your print materials have an extra dimension that could contain video, web and app content to name some of the digital magic that you can sprinkle onto your print!

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Show me the numbers!

SmartPicture® is a clever way to see how people use your print material by giving you tangible figures. SmartPicture® provides real world analytics, so you can find out how many scans, where, when and how people are accessing your digital content. This can help your business adapt and see where you can improve your point-of-sale strategy in order to make the most of your budget for print.

Real World Analytics

Improve Point-Of-Sale Strategy

Help You Budget For Print

SmartPicture® offers app integration

Got your own app? No problem!

SmartPicture® can seamlessly integrate within other apps or be branded up as your own app to provide a consistent brand experience for everyone that uses your products or print materials!

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A digital solution for every industry

No matter whether you’re a sports team, pharmaceutical, political party, food producer, etc; as long as you have some sort of print materials we’ll have a digital solution for you. We’ll also help you find a way to best utilise our technology in order to engage with your customers in a digital world. Take a look at our case studies for more information.

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The Conservatives

Smart Picture

In this example we see how a mass distribution doorstep leaflet campaign takes prospective Conservative election voters to a dedicated website with further information including profiles of each of the candidates.

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Interactive Booklet


Global Healthcare giant RB use SmartPicture® to link their printed brochures to their online training portal www.rbforhealth.co.uk giving healthcare professionals instant access to a wealth of online training material.

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Mode Of Action


In this film we see how SmartPicture® is used to link traditional printed advertising material to a video which show the advertised product works, in this case an over the counter medicine, when it's consumed.

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Online Retail


This clip shows a consumer using the SmartPicture® App to take him from an everyday product package to an online store where he adds the product directly to his basket.

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Social Media

Point Of Sale

In this example we see how point of sales material is scanned and how SmartPicture takes the customer to relevant social media. Here the example links pro – Squash player Nick Matthew to his own twitter feed.

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Interactive Packaging

Packaging White Label App

In this example our client Brainworks wanted customers to engage with their packaging through their own branded Brainworks App.

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SmartPicture® has 3 major benefits

Stops pesky fraudsters

The boffins in the lab have ensured that SmartPicture® can be used as a way to authenticate products with unique formulas weaved into your print as well as other smartie-pants ways to stay ahead of counterfeiters.

Simple to download, even easier to use

SmartPicture® can be easily downloaded from the Apple and Google Play stores. Once downloaded, simply open the app and point your smartphone camera at the image whenever you see the SP icon and watch the magic happen.

Get digital super-duper quick

The science behind SmartPicture® allows people to access digital content call-to-actions easily and more importantly quicker than traditional call-to-actions. SmartPicture® doesn’t rely on people inputting lengthy website names, meaning call-to-actions can be accessed right there and then!

Look out for the SmartPicture® icon and scan to reveal a world of digital possibilities

SmartPicture® offers a whole-host of digital possibilities that can be added to any and all print materials, so keep your eyes peeled for the SP icon to find out what hidden digital treasures you might find!

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